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Rent the Latest Specials

Washing Machines from $7.50 per week- 5 or 5.5kg

Fridge Freezers from $8.00 per week- small to mid size

Fridge Freezers large from $10.50 per week

Dryers from $5.50 per week 3.5kg

Dishwashers from $11.00 per week.

We have a range of Pre Rented items, these are offered at a discounted rate, may have some signs of wear or marks on items etc
Specials, ask us for a deal on any items shown- Stock changes from week to week and we may be able offer items at a further discounted price.

NB: Prices are for a minimum hire of six months.

CALL US! Appliances shown on website do not cover our full range.
We have special deals and will better any price in Wellington City.