Dryer 5/6kg

795H x 565W x 560D

Weekly Rental: $7.90

The unique Quad Fin system is designed to change the way clothes circulate within the dryer drum. The Quad Fin design rotates and propels clothes from the front to the back of the drum in a continuous 360 degree movement, removing hot spots and creating more even drying throughout the load.

Simpson Dryer 4kg

800H x 602W x 525D

Weekly Rental From: $6.50

Simpson takes the fuss out of doing the laundry, so you can spend your time doing the more important things in life. Large doors makes loading and unloading your clothes easy. Add no nonsense, easy to use controls and you’ve got the most straight-forward dryers around. If only everything in life was this EZI.

Dryer 3.5kg

795H x 565W x 440D

Weekly Rental $5.50

Two drying temperatures, a lower one for Synthetics and Delicates, and a higher one for Durable fabrics, ensures clothes are dried the way you want them